Networking and meeting new people

Brose Bamberg Business Club – wide program also beyond sports

The business club of the German champion from Bamberg is the network consisting of 700 sponsors and hospitality partners. True to the motto “the personal contact matters”, the business club’s goal is to promote the business and personal contact as well as the connections of its members.

What all members have in common: All of them are decision makers and CEOs of our sponsoring partners and have their basketball heart at the right place.

The business club events are more than basketball and also have a social character like for example the new year’s reception and the charity events. Brose Bamberg has a clear understanding of its role: We offer the business club as a platform throughout all the year to organize, inform, invite and - if wanted - to create connections between our partners.

Ten reasons for the Brose Bamberg Business Club:

  • A high quality network with over 700 partners
  • Monthly events offer multiple networking possibilities: for example visits at partner companies, the summer festival, golf tournaments, EuroLeague trips, new year’s receptions, charity events, etc.
  • Up to date with “calovo”: this electronic calendar brings all the dates and programs to your calendar with just a few clicks
  • Always well informed: within the Brose Bamberg business-newsletter we inform you about all current topics concerning the business club and its partners as well as background topics and events
  • Offcourt: the magazine coming straight to our partners; contents are current background subjects, news and presentations of our business club members
  • Matchmaking means to us the connection of our networking partners and the showing of synergies and possibilities to cooperate
  • Business book: the exclusive register of some of our partners; present your company and find the perfect match
  • Sportive and at eye level we make an uncomplicated one with each other possible. The perfect frame to build the first connections to business partners or to get to know them better
  • New input guaranteed: thanks to lectures and key note speakers we provide new knowledge for your business
  • Highlights and backgrounds all around the team – as a business club member you experience this exclusively