Business boxes

For basketball lovers who like talks in small groups

You want to offer an individual basketball experience with great service to your guests? Then you should pick one of our business boxes. These host up to 12 people who can enjoy our catering a lá carte and excellent service while indulging in the intimate atmosphere. You won’t miss a single basket from your cushioned seats right in front of your box. In case you are interested we will gladly organize professional introductions before the game starts or a “meet and greet” with a team member afterwards - an event that you and your guests are sure to remember for a long time. 


Gameday packages


  • Tickets for the box Exclusive cushioned seats in front of the box

  • 4 x Reserved parking spots in front of the arena with separate entry
  • High-class catering and a lá carte service in the box
  • On-demand: pre-game introductions and post-game “meet and greet”
  • Optional: usage of the box before official opening time. We can come up with an individual incentive/supportive program for you. You can find more information here.